Applications have now closed for the Junction Rivers Community Benefits Pilot Program.

River Engagement in Balranald
The co-designed 5 step process for Burrawong community benefit pilot program

We thank every community organisation that applied for their interest in the Junction Rivers Community Benefits Pilot Program. We appreciate the time you have taken to complete your funding application, and congratulate you all on the good work you are doing to support your community.

We received many more applications than the program can fund, all of which were well-written and demonstrated great passion and dedication to supporting improved outcomes in the community.

Successful applicants were notified directly in June 2023. For more information, or for feedback on your organisation’s application, please contact [email protected]

The process

Windlab worked closely with local people to establish a community review panel to assess funding applications and recommend community initiatives to receive Community Benefits Pilot Program funding (refer to process illustration).

Windlab will incorporate community feedback into the design of any potential future community funding scheme associated with our proposed wind energy project in the area, which is currently in development. This program will commence should the proposed wind farm reach operations, and continue for the life of the project.

Our commitment to community

Windlab’s priority is to build respectful, trusting, and mutually beneficial partnerships with the regional Australian communities that host our projects. Through our leading-practice approach to community consultation and engagement, we aim to support local people to shape the direction of renewable energy developments in their communities, and provide opportunities for locals to participate in the development of Windlab’s projects in a way that is meaningful to them.

The Junction Rivers Community Benefit Pilot Program is underpinned by the initiative’s Guidelines and is just one of the ways in which Windlab works to keep its host communities at the heart of what we do, through all phases of project delivery.

The communities that host our projects are lifelong stakeholders. We invest in their regions and take pride in positive local economic outcomes.