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Community Consultative Committee

Update on Junction Rivers Wind Farm Community Consultative Committee

Communities around the proposed Junction Rivers Wind Farm have told Windlab that another committee is not their preferred way to provide input into the project, so a Community Consultative Committee will not be established.
As part of Windlab’s commitment to working with the community, it has taken on board the feedback that people are already involved in many committees.

Dr Nathan Steggel, General Manager of Development, said “Windlab had called for nominations for a committee, receiving just two from community members and one each from Balranald and Murray River councils. Windlab is committed to an open and inclusive approach to engagement and we encourage people to continue to share their feedback, including preferred ways of being involved in the consultation process.”

The proposed Junction Rivers Wind Farm, located 15 km south of Balranald, could host up to 96 wind turbines and produce enough clean energy to power up to 434,000 homes. The project is being developed by Windlab, an Australian company that applies Australian science to find, construct and operate high performing wind farms in Australia and around the world.

Mr Darryl Watkins, the nominated independent chair for the proposed committee said he acknowledged that every community is different and he encouraged people to continue to contribute. “Windlab had been consulting with the community on the establishment of a Community Consultative Committee. Based on this consultation, Windlab informed me that there was limited interest from the community in the committee.”

To continue to share your feedback, you can email [email protected] or phone 0429 276 698

To share your preferred way of being involved in the consultation process, a feedback form can be filled in here